Why Motorcyclists are More Vulnerable than You Think

By on 6-30-2017 in Motorcycle Accidents

When you think about road accidents, the first victims that come into your mind are car drivers and their passengers. That is totally fine, considering that they do make a big portion of all road accidents, but this should not mean that you can disregard the other victims, particularly the motorcyclists.

It can even be argued that motorcyclists are more vulnerable than those from passenger vehicles. According to the website of McCutchen & Sexton – The Law Firm, those who have been hurt in motorcycle accidents that are not their fault may take legal action. This is a good way to make motorcycles feel more protected. But is it enough?

Smaller and Thinner Wheels

Motorcycles, when compared to full-time vehicles, have smaller and thinner wheels. This is a bigger issue than you realize. These relatively inferior wheels make motorcycles more prone to tripping on objects that full-time vehicles will have no problem rolling over, such as debris and rocks left on the road.

Also, the fact that motorcycles only have two wheels make this danger a little more complicated. The required balancing technique on motorcycles also makes it more vulnerable to tripping, not to mention sliding because of traction issues.

Harder to See on the Road

Again, when compared to cars, motorcycles are much smaller. The issue with smaller objects, not just in terms of traffic, is that they are harder to see. This can be more problematic in traffic, because visibility is an important aspect of safety.

Since motorcycles are harder to see, they may be more vulnerable to getting hit by other motorists. It also doesn’t help that motorcycles weave through traffic, so there may be instances where their maneuvering motions create confusion or put them on blind spots of drivers who can potentially hit them.

Fewer Protections Against Accidents

But when everything is said and done, you will never know when you will be involved in a motorcycle accident. Maybe it is because of the issues stated above, or maybe it is because of other issues, such as your own recklessness.

Whatever the reason may be, you are still going to get hurt. Motorcyclists only have helmets, pads, jackets, pants, and boots as their protections against accidents. When compared to car drivers, they are inferior, because car drivers are enclosed in vehicle frameworks that may absorb impact, and airbags and seatbelts that may prevent further damage.

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