When to Send a Loved One to a Nursing Home

By on 2-10-2015 in Nursing Homes

It starts out with needing help around the house. Then they need someone to help them walk to their car. Soon enough, they cannot even go to the bathroom themselves. It is not easy to accept when your loved one needs help beyond what you can give them. There comes a time you have to decide whether or not a nursing home would be right for them. Here are a few tips to help you make that decision.

Are they lonely? If your loved one is constantly complaining about the lack of attention they receive or they are not seeing a handful of people regularly, a nursing home might be a good fit for them. Nursing homes keep people in close proximity of one another, making sure your loved one can spend plenty of time interacting with people. Also, they would be hanging out with people going through similar issues, providing them with an instant support group.

Are you too busy to take care of them? Most adults have responsibilities that hinder them from being able to be full-time caretaker for their loved one. If this is what they require, or they require more time and effort than you are able or willing to give, do not leave them helpless.

Do they require constant medical attention? If your loved one has severe enough medical conditions that they need a nurse to check up on them every day, do not deprive them of this. Your lack of that sort of knowledge could make for fatal consequences. Even if it is something as simple as getting them to take their medicine on time, you are not an expert on how to act if there is an emergency.

Law firm Clawson & Staubes, LLC, says on its website that taking care of older relatives is something many family members are often too busy to do adequately. Recognize if your loved one is ready for a nursing home.

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