The Many Different Uses of a Silencer

By on 11-07-2015 in Guns

Gun suppressors are moderate-sized tubes that contain sound-dispelling materials attached to the barrel of the firearm in order to reduce the sound of gunfire. They are more commonly known as silencers, although they don’t actually completely silence the sound of the gunshot, rather they decrease the gunshot’s sound signature as well as cancel the muzzle flash that follows. The term “silencer” began because the first gun suppressor was patented as such, with the government and the BATFE (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) referring to it as silencers in their paperwork and laws.

What accounts to the sound and flash during a shot are the high-powered gasses expanding from the bore of the firearm that resulted from the powder’s ignition. Gun suppressors, especially integral suppressors, provide more space to allow the ignited gasses to spread and cool inside the barrel. The less gas leaving the barrel, the less sound and flash will be made. The average sound reduction of gun suppressors is around 50 percent, with many suppressors commonly using distinct subsonic ammunition that can lead to even more suppressed sounds. These special subsonic ammunitions, however, can be particularly less effective for long-range shots.

The usefulness of gun suppressors have remained steady even in today’s times. Aside from combat uses, they are also efficient in various practical shooting applications. Hunters use gun suppressors for hearing protection, while other use them for avoid disturbing others (such as in the city and areas where hunting is allowed). Another benefit of gun suppressors is the recoil reduction and change of center of gravity due to the added weight. In order to possess gun silencers, it is best to inquire with the laws in the state, especially when it is for civilian use. Although legal, possession of gun suppressors is strictly regulated and will have rigid requirements in order to have them.

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