The Incredible Flying Bicycle

By on 8-18-2014 in Mobility

The other day I was coming in to work when I saw something inexplicable in the sky. At first I thought it was a skydiver, because of the huge parachute. I thought it odd that someone would be seeking such thrills before eight in the morning, but my mind was prepared to accept that. Then I noticed the bicycle. Then it hit me.

Someone was riding a flying bicycle.

After the initial shock wore off, I unleashed a series of noises that related my astonishment to no one in particular. These were mere gutteral vocalizations of bewilderment.

I looked up what this could have possibly been when I arrived at the office and was happy to find that commercial flying bicycles are available for public purchase. Too bad they cost 10,000 British pounds.

The flying bicycle has a fan that pushes air into the parachute, creating lift. Pushing air around causes the entire contraption to fly. It can be steered, raised, and lowered. It was a wonderful sight. What an incredible invention!

kid on bicycle

Keep reaching for those stars, kiddo!