Staying Safe as a Trucker

By on 6-20-2014 in Job Safety

Being a commercial truck driver is a mentally and physically challenging job. Although accidents and collisions are not as frequent as those of regular or smaller vehicles, when they do occur they cause devastating injuries or damages and even death. This is the main reason why there are comprehensive training programs for truck drivers. Aside from training, examinations such as mental and physical ability test are done to ensure that the driver is capable of driving the vehicle safely. Sometimes, trucking companies enlist a freight factoring service to help them receive their payments on time, which is an huge issue in the industry.

One of the top priorities that a trucker should take care of before going out to deliver is (along with the maintenance crew in the trucking company) to do a thorough inspection of the vehicle and cargo. Vehicle inspection should be done before, en route, and after the trip to ensure that everything is safe and in proper working order. A busted tire or broken brakes can lead to road accidents that can easily be prevented by proper maintenance and inspection.

Communication is also a vital part in truckers. They should be able to communicate clearly and effectively to other motorists on the road, as well as to their head office (should the occasion calls for it). Because distraction is among the leading causes of road accidents, it is required to have hands-free devices inside the truck driver’s cab to ensure that their hands are on the wheel and their eyes on the road. Staying alert is vital as a mere second of distraction and indecision can spell disaster.

In an event of an accident wherein the truck driver is not at fault, the medical bills and other expenses will be covered by workers’ compensation. This is an insurance policy that every worker is required to have. In order to have this benefit, you have to make a workers’ compensation claim. Although there are differences among states on the provisions and laws regarding worker’s compensation, the provision are often given in a weekly payment instead of wages, payment for economic loss, compensation for medical bills, and other applicable matters.