Tips Parents May Do To Protect Children From Playground Injuries

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It is a natural instinct for parents to protect their children from any harm. Parents should learn how to think ahead or anticipate any circumstances that can cause physical harm to their children. One of the many places children may sustain injuries is in playgrounds.

It is important for parents to become acquainted to the place where their children spend time in playing with other children. Injuries like fall, broken bones, concussions, and lacerations are common in playgrounds. In fact, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) many of the childhood injuries take place in playgrounds and in the U.S., it is estimated that there are over 200,000 children every year are getting hurt in such premises. Since there are different kinds of playgrounds, parents should know if their child is suited to play in a particular playground. Some playgrounds are designed to be used by toddlers while others are designed to be used by adolescents and pre-teens. Parents who have preschool children should consider bringing them to a playground with smaller and safer equipment. On the other hand, older children should play in playgrounds that are suited for their age.

Check if the playground equipment are properly maintained and the area has sufficient cushion to protect children from fall injuries. Children are at risk of suffering head injuries from fall. A serious blow to the head after a fall may result to a brain injury. Brain injuries are devastating and it may lead to concussions, brain damage, seizures, hematomas, or even memory loss, the lawyers of Cazayoux Ewing Law Firm said. Before going to the playground, parents should check their children’s clothing. Clothes with strings or perforations can lead to accidents if it gets contact to some playground equipment. Children under 5 years of age should be supervised by their parents in playing playgrounds. Younger children are much prone to accidents as they have not developed enough fear to do things and their body movements are not yet properly coordinated.

Lastly, it is also important that parents should discuss with their children on how to stay safe during play. Advise children to always be alert and to strictly follow playground rules.

The Many Different Uses of a Silencer

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Gun suppressors are moderate-sized tubes that contain sound-dispelling materials attached to the barrel of the firearm in order to reduce the sound of gunfire. They are more commonly known as silencers, although they don’t actually completely silence the sound of the gunshot, rather they decrease the gunshot’s sound signature as well as cancel the muzzle flash that follows. The term “silencer” began because the first gun suppressor was patented as such, with the government and the BATFE (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) referring to it as silencers in their paperwork and laws.

What accounts to the sound and flash during a shot are the high-powered gasses expanding from the bore of the firearm that resulted from the powder’s ignition. Gun suppressors, especially integral suppressors, provide more space to allow the ignited gasses to spread and cool inside the barrel. The less gas leaving the barrel, the less sound and flash will be made. The average sound reduction of gun suppressors is around 50 percent, with many suppressors commonly using distinct subsonic ammunition that can lead to even more suppressed sounds. These special subsonic ammunitions, however, can be particularly less effective for long-range shots.

The usefulness of gun suppressors have remained steady even in today’s times. Aside from combat uses, they are also efficient in various practical shooting applications. Hunters use gun suppressors for hearing protection, while other use them for avoid disturbing others (such as in the city and areas where hunting is allowed). Another benefit of gun suppressors is the recoil reduction and change of center of gravity due to the added weight. In order to possess gun silencers, it is best to inquire with the laws in the state, especially when it is for civilian use. Although legal, possession of gun suppressors is strictly regulated and will have rigid requirements in order to have them.

Treatment Options for Mesothelioma

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Those diagnosed with mesothelioma can find their treatment options to be varied based on how young the individual is, the stage the cancer has progressed, and other factors. After being exposed to asbestos, individuals can develop the fatal cancer and be confused about what treatment option is best for them. To begin taking the proper steps for treatment, it is important to find an experienced doctor who is well-versed in mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is still a very rare cancer and the symptoms can also be misdiagnosed. This is why the first step in treatment is finding an appropriate doctor.

According to the website of the Williams Kherkher law firm, one of the treatment options for mesothelioma that is not far progressed is surgery to remove fluid and the malignant tumor from around the lungs and abdomen. There are two kinds of surgery for mesothelioma patients. The less severe one, pleurectomy/decortication, focuses on removing as much of the tumor as possible while the more severe option, extrapleural pneumonectomy, removes the lung itself.

Another option for mesothelioma patients is chemotherapy. Chemotherapy includes drugs that are often directly injected into the blood stream to help kill cancer cells.

Radiation can also be used to kill cancer cells as well as decrease the size of cancerous tumors. This can often help decrease the physical pain associated with mesothelioma and is used as a palliative option in some cases to increase the patient’s quality of life. Chemotherapy and radiation can also be used before or after patients undergo surgery. Some doctors even insist on multimodal approaches of treatment, meaning combining surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation for the most effective treatment of mesothelioma for some individuals.

Treatment options can vary based on the stage of the cancer and can be either curative or palliative. Mesothelioma is a fatal disease that requires some sort of treatment to be managed and make the patient have the best chance of curing the disease or expanding their life expectancy.

First Aid Measures for Serious Burn Injuries

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Fires can lead to some of the most catastrophic accidents. Perhaps what’s even more devastating is the fact that it can also happen anywhere, from people’s homes to venues that families like to frequent. A huge fire won’t only cause significant damage to property—it can also lead to serious injuries. Burn injuries can cause extreme pain and physical discomfort. When an accident happens, it’s important that people learn how to respond immediately and mitigate the dangers caused by these injuries as soon as possible.

Burn injuries vary in their severity. A first degree burn is the least minor of all such injuries and will only cause some mild blistering and a painful sensation. This can easily be addressed by running the burn area under cool water for 3-5 minutes, and then applying some aloe cream or burn ointment. Second degree and third degree burns are a lot more serious and will need emergency medical assistance. In case of such injuries, it’s important to call an ambulance right away. First aid measures can then be done to help ease the victim’s discomfort while waiting for help to arrive.

Second degree burns result in blisters that might break open. The injured area often looks pink, wet, and raw. On the other hand, third degree burns will result in injuries that look charred, dry, leathery, or waxy. The color of the skin could also turn brown or white. The best you can do to aid such serious injuries is to remove the victim’s clothing surrounding the injured area, apply cool water for about 3-5 minutes, and then cover the injury with clean cloth. If pieces of their clothes or jewelry get stuck around the area of the injured skin, don’t force or peel it off. The paramedics and doctors will be better equipped to take care of the damage once help arrives.

Accidents involving fire can lead to devastating outcomes. Victims of serious burn injuries can take a while to recover. The pressing nature of such accidents doubles when it occurs in public spaces. According to the website of Schuler Halvorson Weisser Zoeller Overbeck P.A., property owners can be held accountable for what might have caused the fire. For example, property owners who fail to maintain their electrical and gas systems might inadvertently cause a devastating accident.

When to Send a Loved One to a Nursing Home

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It starts out with needing help around the house. Then they need someone to help them walk to their car. Soon enough, they cannot even go to the bathroom themselves. It is not easy to accept when your loved one needs help beyond what you can give them. There comes a time you have to decide whether or not a nursing home would be right for them. Here are a few tips to help you make that decision.

Are they lonely? If your loved one is constantly complaining about the lack of attention they receive or they are not seeing a handful of people regularly, a nursing home might be a good fit for them. Nursing homes keep people in close proximity of one another, making sure your loved one can spend plenty of time interacting with people. Also, they would be hanging out with people going through similar issues, providing them with an instant support group.

Are you too busy to take care of them? Most adults have responsibilities that hinder them from being able to be full-time caretaker for their loved one. If this is what they require, or they require more time and effort than you are able or willing to give, do not leave them helpless.

Do they require constant medical attention? If your loved one has severe enough medical conditions that they need a nurse to check up on them every day, do not deprive them of this. Your lack of that sort of knowledge could make for fatal consequences. Even if it is something as simple as getting them to take their medicine on time, you are not an expert on how to act if there is an emergency.

Law firm Pohl & Berk, LLP says on its website that taking care of older relatives is something many family members are often too busy to do adequately. Recognize if your loved one is ready for a nursing home.

When the Government Caused the Personal Injury

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Filing a personal injury claim against the government is more complicated than filing a similar claim against a citizen or corporation. Although you have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit against the government responsible for causing you injuries or damages, the most important part of the process is to follow the steep guidelines in order to have a strong argument that you can present in court.

One of the many things you should consider is the statute of limitations; for personal injury lawsuits against a government entity, you only have a limited amount of time as compared to the typical lawsuit. Depending on where you are, you may only have between 30 and 120 days after the injury to file the lawsuit. In the state of Tennessee, plaintiffs should file a claim within six months of the accident. This applies to claims against the municipality, and for county you only have 1 year after the accident.

Consulting with a lawyer is vital in a personal injury claim against the government because they will be the one who will determine and present the content of the formal claim, and this being an administrative process that occurs before a lawsuit, it should be filed according to the guidelines otherwise the claim may be denied by the court. These Tennessee personal injury attorneys have seen a number of plaintiffs’ claims be denied because of filing mistakes, and it proves to be a waste of time, money, and effort. Aside from the time restraints, there are requirements for the Notice of Claim, and failing to follow the guidelines may result to the claim being dismissed by the court.

There are many ways that your personal injury claim of lawsuit against a government entity may be denied or dismissed, therefore it is always wiser to err on the safe side and hire an injury lawyer. Because of the differences and complicated nature of a personal injury, it would be better to have legal counsel to guide and represent your case in court.

The Incredible Flying Bicycle

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The other day I was coming in to work when I saw something inexplicable in the sky. At first I thought it was a skydiver, because of the huge parachute. I thought it odd that someone would be seeking such thrills before eight in the morning, but my mind was prepared to accept that. Then I noticed the bicycle. Then it hit me.

Someone was riding a flying bicycle.

After the initial shock wore off, I unleashed a series of noises that related my astonishment to no one in particular. These were mere gutteral vocalizations of bewilderment.

I looked up what this could have possibly been when I arrived at the office and was happy to find that commercial flying bicycles are available for public purchase. Too bad they cost 10,000 British pounds.

The flying bicycle has a fan that pushes air into the parachute, creating lift. Pushing air around causes the entire contraption to fly. It can be steered, raised, and lowered. It was a wonderful sight. What an incredible invention!

kid on bicycle

Keep reaching for those stars, kiddo!

Safest Cars from Rollovers, NHTSA says

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If you are thinking of buying a vehicle, it would be a good idea to find out if the car you’re considering is likely to get you killed or seriously injured. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released a report ranking vehicles according to safety tests for rollovers, and provided some recommendations to increase the safety rating of a vehicle.

Among the vehicles that the NHTSA to be safer than others from rollovers are those produced by Mazda, especially the RX-8 4-door sports car on first and the Mazda3 compact sedan on third. Luxury vehicle maker Acura’s TL sedan ranked second while the new Beetle Convertible by Volkswagen and the Hyundai Tiburon sports coupe garnered 4th and 5th place respectively.

These are all noticeably low-slung cars which is to be expected as sedans are much closer to the ground that other vehicle types, making them much more stable. Predictably, the vehicles that scored the lowest in the NHTSA tests are all sport utility vehicles (SUVs) including 4×2 versions of Ford’s Explorer, Explorer SportTrac and Mercury Mountaineer, General Motor’s Yukon, and Chevrolet’s Tahoe. So if you really want an SUV, it would be better to stick to the all-wheel version of the Chrysler Pacifica which although not precisely an SUV it is close enough for government work.

The report also stated that while sedans gain more stability with more passengers, SUVs become less so. This is a sobering thought, considering the potential for destruction of a passenger-laden SUV. The injuries sustained by victims in rollover accidents are often catastrophic and life-changing. When negligence plays a factor in rollover accidents, the responsible parties should be made to pay for the consequences. Often, this responsibility falls into the laps of respective insurance companies, the likes of which you can find more information here.

The potential for rollovers is a real danger, especially in SUVs, but passengers who observe safety regulations have a greater chance of surviving it. According to the NHTSA report, about 75% of fatalities in rollover accidents were not restrained. In such cases, the safest cars in the world is no assurance of driver or passenger safety.

Health During Pregnancy

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Pregnant women are highly encouraged to follow an extremely healthy diet while carrying their baby to term. Developing fetuses are vulnerable to contracting illnesses from the substances that the mother comes into contact with. Avoiding foods, like unpasteurized milks and cheeses that potentially contain harmful bacteria is a prudent choice for pregnant women. These foods can potentially contain listeriosis bacteria which can seriously harm a fetus.

Smoked meats, hot dogs, deli meats, store-made salads, swordfish, white snapper, large amounts of albacore tuna, medicinal herbs, alfalfa sprouts, radishes, and mung beans can potentially carry listeriosis bacteria and high levels of toxic chemicals. In addition to avoiding harmful foods it’s important for mothers to avoid cosmetics with concentrated or high levels of preservatives.

Other substances that prospective mothers should not ingest include common over-the-counter drugs like aspirin, pepto bismol, dimetapp, theraflu, ibuprofen, aleve, nicorette gum, and sudafed. Sometimes these medicines are acceptable for consumption within the first two trimesters, but a doctor should always be consulted before taking them.

The FDA has created a classification system in order to rank medicines as they pose risk to the development of fetuses. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI) like Prozac, Lexapro, and Zoloft are classified under pregnancy category C, which indicated that though animal testing has revealed some birth deformations, there is not enough evidence to suggest  that it affects humans in the same way.

Drugs classified under pregnancy category X are extremely harmful to the wellbeing of a forming fetus. Some drugs under category X include Restoril, Leflunomide, and Accutane. Restoril is a drug prescribed to people that suffer from insomnia. Patients with arthritis are sometimes prescribed Leflunomide, while Accutane is a popular drug for people affected by cystic acne. If a woman is prescribed any of these drugs, and is capable of becoming pregnant, a they are often encouraged, or even required to take birth control medication in tandem with these prescriptions.

Answering The Tough Questions: Should I Buy a Yacht?

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When deciding to buy a yacht, there are a lot of things that need to be considered first. Yachts are an expensive investment, and buying a yacht would definitely cost a great amount of money. For first time yacht- buyers, it is vital to understand certain thing regarding yacht maintenance and other expenses to ensure that what you will be buying will not become an unexpected drain to your monetary resources.

One of the main things you should think about when buying your first-ever yacht is the initial cost you will have to dish out. Make sure that what you are buying will be well within your financial means and capabilities. Many yachts can depreciate in value over the years and this would greatly affect your finances should you choose to liquidate. This is especially important when buying a second-hand yacht, and rather than being an investment, this equity may just turn out simply as a liability.

Another factor to look into is the safety and functionality of the yacht, rather than simply seeking the beauty that the yacht offers. Many ship-builders have started giving in to marketing trends of customized boats and yachts that many of them have simply become unsafe and not well-built for lasting sea-travel. The environment in which yachts are supposed to be, which is the sea or ocean, can be a harsh environment where sea-salt, snow or ice, rain, sunlight, and other elements can deteriorate the yacht. Know that what is important in a yacht is its quality parts and functionality, the glamour and customization can come next.

According to Mikelson Yachts, what many aspiring-yacht owners and even long-time boar owners neglect to think about when purchasing a yacht is the hidden expenses it comes with. Aside from the cost of ownership, maintaining a yacht can be very expensive. It would require repainting every 5-7 years, refitting of the engine parts and other parts is a necessity, updating of interior designs is also important, docking fees should be paid, and even the simple hiring a captain to handle the boat also costs a lot. It is a very costly thing to keep, and could become a financial burden if you are not prepared for it.

Even the rich yacht-owners can be held back by the responsibility of having a yacht. It is important to understand the expense and work that comes with owning a yacht before actually purchasing one.